Ernesto's Starship


Ext. Night.

High above New York City.

The camera descends through the skyscrapers as it finds its way through to a bar in Hell’s Kitchen…
As the camera moves down, the sound of ice cubes clinking underscore a conversation we overhear between two friends.

Alaric: You know Damon, if God didn’t want man to drink he wouldn’t have given him a liver…
Damon: Very clever, Alaric, but there is no God. Sorry.
Alaric: Don’t be so cynical, Damon. Just because you’re a bitter bloodsucker doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you.
Damon: If you want to attribute your alcoholism to “God”, fine, you go right ahead; but a liver doesn’t not a god make..

The camera lands on a neon sign just above a hole in the wall dive bar that reads, “Bar-nabas”
The camera pushes in through the door and we find our friends sitting at the bar.
Damon is dressed in his usual leather jacket and boots, while next to him sits Alaric dressed all in black wearing a priests collar…

Alaric: Oh, no? Tell me, mister bitter pants, why then does the liver exist?
Damon: Jesus, Alaric. Why the hell does anything exist?
Alaric: Intent.
Damon: What?
Alaric: Things exist because they intend to.
Damon: I don’t follow.
Alaric: Ok. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Damon: Are you shitting me?
Alaric: Answer the question.
Damon: There is no answer. That’s the point. It’s a paradox.
Alaric: Wrong.
Damon: I don’t know then, Alaric. You tell me.
Alaric: You’d think with all this undead time on your hands you’d become a little more philosophical in your old age… Fine. I’ll tell you. The chicken came first.
Damon: The chicken?
Alaric: The chicken came first because it intended to.
Damon: Intended? That seems like a cop out answer.
Alaric: All forms exist in pure archetypal potential waiting for the right conditions to emerge.
Damon: You know, Alaric, you’ve become a real bore since you joined the priesthood.
Alaric: Speaking of which, have you considered my proposition?
Damon: Never in a million years will I let you baptize me Alaric.
Alaric: Never say never, Damon.
Damon: Never.
Alaric: I figured you of all people would be first in line for the sacrament.
Damon: Why the hell would I partake in the sacrament??
Alaric: The “blood” of Christ?! Hellooo?!

This catches Damon by surprise.

Damon: I never thought of it that way before.
Alaric: Like I said: Never say never.

Just then, a gust of cold wind blows through the bar as three men enter.
Damon and Alaric turn and look at the new arrivals.
Damon, eyeing them, slowly pulls from his jacket brass-knuckles with wooden spikes, while Alaric slowly pulls from his sleeve a 357. snub nose revolver.

Damon: Its go time.
Alaric: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy…

But before Alaric can finish,
the three thugs vamp out and charge our heroes in a rage…
In a graceful move, Alaric, rises from his bar stool, perfectly calm, and fires three shots, each landing squarely between the eyes of the three vampires. Blood sprays everywhere. They promptly drop to the floor. Dead.

Damon: Nice shot. ‘S

Alaric walks over to the bodies, crosses himself.

Alaric: Father Moynihan makes exquisite wooden bullets

Alaric, then pulls out a vile of holy water, and sprinkles it over the bodies ..
Like battery acid, the holy water begins to burn through the bodies, slowly melting them into a puddle of goo.

Alaric watches the gore dematerialize

Alaric: God works in mysterious ways, Damon.

To be continued….


Feel like I’m dusting off the controls here..
Been a minute since we’ve been on the starship

Dear Christian Right,

Here’s a little something about the devil. As you may know, being the deceiver he’s known to speak with a forked tongue. Meaning, when he speaks he usually infers the opposite. Take for example the term “Christian Right”. In devil speak, that means Christian Wrong. You see my friends, there is no Christian Right nor Left, there is only “Blessed are the peacemakers” and “love thy neighbor as u love yourself”. You see, If there is no love and no peace there is no Christ, and if there is no Christ there is no Christian Right, only Christian Wrong. People forget Jesus didn’t teach from the Bible as we know it today, and he most certainly didn’t teach from the letters of Paul. Lest ye forget, Paul never even met Jesus. And while Paul’s letters have a tremendous beauty and power, they are not the words of Jesus. So I’m sorry, quoting 1Corinthians6:9 doesn’t count. In fact, I challenge you to show me where in the four gospels Jesus says “He who is without sin cast the first stone - unless you’re throwing it at someone who is gay.” Where does he say “blessed are the peacemakers - unless they are gay.”
Where does he say “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself- unless they are gay.”
I challenge you because Jesus is not a homophobe. You will not find it in the four Gospels. If anything, Jesus told us it doesn’t matter what goes in our mouth; what matters are the words that come out it. Just because you misquote and cherry pick the bible doesn’t mean it sanctifies your hate speech. You see, it’s not enough to just read the bible, you have to think about it too. And while the New Testament is a story about Jesus, it is not, in fact, Jesus the Christ.
Christ is a way. Christ is a way of Peace. Christ is a way of Love and Forgiveness. Christ is a transcendent force that heals our wounds, and challenges us to be of service to those in crisis. All the blood spilled; all the people burned; all the persecution of those different throughout history in the name Jesus Christ, that is not Christ - that is the devil deceiving you. The world is tired of this perpetual inquisition. My friends, don’t play into this trap. It is the meek who shall inherit the earth, not the bigots. You see, the Second Coming is upon us. But its not the return of a man, its the return of the Peacemakers.


I don’t think there is such thing as an intelligent mega-rich person…

For who with a fine mind can look out upon this world and hoard what can nourish a thousand souls.

~ Kabir

At once Horselover Fat leaped to the conclusion that this was her way of asking for help. It had been Fat’s delusion for years that he could help people. His psychiatrist once told him that to get well he wound have to do two things; get off the dope (which he hadn’t done) and to stop trying to help people (he still tried to help people).

~ Philip K Dick

Happy Birthday Ernesto’s Starship!
Talk about time flying. According to tumblr, the Starship has been airborne three years now…

Happy Birthday Ernesto’s Starship!
Talk about time flying. According to tumblr, the Starship has been airborne three years now…

It’s not the hoodie. It’s the Hood

Archetyping or Stereotyping?

When Geraldo Rivera said it was the hoodie that got Trayvon Martin killed, I knew exactly what he meant.
Of course it wasn’t the hoodie that killed the young man; it was a yahoo vigilante, who, under Florida law was allowed to carry a gun that killed Trayvon Martin. But Rivera’s statement got me thinking: What is the difference between an Archetype and a Stereotype?
What does the “Hood” represent as a symbol to the subconscious, and how does that effect profiling? Do we stereotype people, or do we archetype them? What is profiling, and how do archetypes vs stereotypes effect that portrait?
First, what is an archetype?
Webster’s defines an archetype as:
the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies: prototype; also : a perfect example…
For me, archetypes also represent the quality or power of a symbol over ones psyche. You have the King, the Queen, Warriors and Lovers. You have the archetypal Terrorist, or archetypal Fangirl. The Father and Mother are archetypes. Playing Cowboys & Indians congers up classic archetypes as well. All of which have a profound bearing on our lives. As for stereotypes, for me, they reflect the ignorance of unenlightened cultural bias we may have subconsciously towards the shadowy side of these archetypes. That said, stereotypes are not just the figment of bigotry’s imagination. Through our ignorance, at some point in time, we all play into our cultural stereotypes. It’s a natural consequence of our own un-enlightenment and lack of mindfulness…
Now, as a way of discovering the language of archetypes, lets open our third eye and invoke the image of the “Hood”. As we do, we might see a wide display of historic and cultural images. We might see Benedictine monks in their traditional hooded robes; or perhaps the evil emperor Palpitine from Star Wars. The image of the hooded vigilante, Arrow, on the CW might also come to mind. Of course there’s the sinister and bizarre scene in the end of Stanley Kubrick’s, Eyes Wide Shut, in which elite members of society hide behind masks and under hoods while they engage in ritualized orgies. Of course the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan may also come to mind. You might also get the image of a graffiti artist tagging the side of an abandoned building. Even the most famous of all thief’s may come to mind, Robin Hood. And with that as a segue, we often refer to gangsters and criminals as “hoods”. The powerful movie which shows the devastating effect of inner city gang warfare is called, Boyz N The Hood…
With all this in mind, we begin to see that the “Hood” archetype seems to have a deep and rich history far apart from just protecting yourself from the rain.
The hood seems to imply secrecy. It provides cover from the elements as well as create a shroud for your intentions. That is why, as a symbol, it is easily associated with the criminal element; or in other words, hoodlums. It’s not the hoodie, it’s the hood. The hoodie is powerless; but when you put on the hood, its power is activated, and catalyzed by the night.
- That’s why I cringed when I saw a dark photoshopped picture of Martin Luther King Jr wearing a hood. For me, its a mixing of the wrong metaphor…
Moving along, as we engage the minds eye to see archetypes, patterns emerge. It’s these patterns that tell a story and provide the subconscious mind with meaning. Archetypes give our mind bearing and provide the context for how we relate to each other.
If Barack Obama was not the president, you might just see an average family man enjoying a Sunday afternoon with his wife and kids. In which case, you would see him in the archetypal roll of the “Father”. But knowing Barack is our president, we would relate very differently upon seeing him in the street. That’s why candidates must look presidential when running for office. The people must see that he or she is able to embody the archetype of the presidency…
So when Gerald Rivera made his controversial statement that it was the hoodie that got Trayvon killed, what I heard him say was: “The hood, as an archetype, is not a positive image within the collective subconscious mind of the people, and is easily and historically associated with secrecy, and criminality. Couple that image with the ineptitude of the village vigilante, his feeble vigilante judgment will be triggered by the symbol of a hooded youth walking the streets at night. Thus, he will engage according to that archetypal relationship. An archetypal relationship we collective refer to as, Cops & Robbers.”

Im certainly not excusing the actions of George Zimmerman, nor am I laying the blame with the innocent Trayvon Martin. I’m just attempting to see the scenario beyond the racial hostilities that have emerged from this tragic situation…
In fact, as the “not guilty” verdict echoed across the country, thus sending rioters into the streets, a quote from Abraham Joshua Heschel - who marched with Martin Luther King Jr - came to my mind:

"Few are guilty, but all are responsible."

While George Zimmerman may not be guilty, he is responsible. While Trayvon Martin may not be guilty, he is responsible. While I write this, I may not be guilty, but I am responsible. While you read this, you may not be guilty, but you are responsible. We are responsible for our culture of violence. We are responsible for our racism and hate. We are responsible for venerating an entertainment culture that praises materialism and violence. We are responsible for letting fear and ignorance fuel our neurotic imaginations. We are responsible for letting the rich get richer and the poor getting poorer…
We are responsible for each other. We are our brothers keeper. We’ve been told now for thousands of years to love your neighbor; and we are now tragically reminded that when you take away your sister, when you take away your brother, when you take away your neighbor, all you’re left with is a hood.

So, before you blame the justice system; before you blame George Zimmerman; before you blame Florida gun laws; before you blame the hoodie; before you blame racism; take a good hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself, “How am I responsible?”

My thoughts and condolences go out to the Martin family.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive us.

A Prayer for The World

Let the rain come and wash away
the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds
held and nurtured over generations.
Let the rain wash away the memory
of the hurt, the neglect.
Then let the sun come out and
fill the sky with rainbows.
Let the warmth of the sun heal us
wherever we are broken.
Let it burn away the fog so that
we can see each other clearly.
So that we can see beyond labels,
beyond accents, gender or skin color.
Let the warmth and brightness
of the sun melt our selfishness.
So that we can share the joys and
feel the sorrows of our neighbors.
And let the light of the sun
be so strong that we will see all
people as our neighbors.
Let the earth, nourished by rain,
bring forth flowers
to surround us with beauty.
And let the mountains teach our hearts
to reach upward to heaven.


~ Rabbi Harold Kushner - 2003

Kathryn E. May
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 07/05/13

We would like to tell you about some of the goings-on behind the scenes as the cleanup of Planet Earth proceeds. There are issues of which many of you are completely unaware, and they are areas of great concern if the civilization is to move forward in Love and Light. The issue we speak of is the secret government - the covert operations which have been conducted by the group you have called the Illuminati. We prefer to call them the Dark Hats because there is nothing of Light about them. Some of you know their origins and history, but we will give you a brief description here.

The ones you know as the Fallen Angels, led by Lucifer, were not evil, but were rebellious against the idea that all beings should be connected with God. They wished to try complete independence, to live without having to rely on the I AM Presence in their lives. They were what you might call the original atheists, but they were well aware of the God they were rebelling against, since they were our own dear children. They came to Earth during a period of upheaval, and taught their beliefs to others.

Among those others were the Reptilians, a race of beings also created by us, who were exceptional for their intense passion and creativity. They were a part of the racial mixing which was to become you, the humans of Planet Earth, known as The Creator Race. The strengths of the Reptilians was in their high levels of intuition, perceptiveness and psychic powers. They were intensely loving, fiercely loyal, and gifted intellectually. They were also fiercely independent, and their encounters with Lucifer led to disastrous ends.

Some of the Reptilians, though not all, decided that they would free themselves from their connection to God and to the intensity of their passionate feelings by experimenting with their own DNA. Tragically, they used their scientific abilities to remake themselves into a race without the connection to their hearts which allows all beings to feel Love for one another and for their God. Incidentally, their philosophy - that love is to be avoided because it will lead to pain, and that sensitivity is weakness - has become a mantra in your own cultures to this day.

Once freed from the requirement of Love and its corollary feelings of compassion, forgiveness, empathy, nurturance and reverence for life, they became the source of evil which went far beyond the intention or control of Lucifer and his followers. It was the Reptilians who took the idea of independence from God to its opposite extreme, and as we have described in Kathryn’s book, the behavior which results is what is now called psychopathic or sociopathic. They became intelligent beings without Heart - an extremely dangerous combination.

It would not have been possible for them to maintain their practice of evil in every area of life on Earth if they had taken part in the after-life process which everyone else experiences. As we have described to you earlier, at the end of every life, all God’s children ascend to the 5th dimension to be welcomed back to the dimensions of Unending Love, and to review, with the help of your Guides and mentors, the entire experience of your life. As you re-experience your actions which caused others pain from their point of view, you are taught in the most profound way to feel empathy for others and forgiveness for yourself, as you experience Our forgiveness and compassion.

In order to avoid any learning or contact with Us, the Reptilians devised a plan to remain in the 4th dimension, close to the Earth plane, where they could recycle quickly into the same families, maintaining the human bloodline true to its Reptilian ideal of heartless intelligence. This way, they were able to gain great power and control, and their influence has been felt in every area of life.

Theirs was the idea of maintaining the use of fossil fuels rather than permitting free energy discoveries to be given to the people. Theirs also are the manufacturing processes which pollute rivers and steams, killing wildlife in the name of profit, as well as the use of spraying chemicals in the skies to control the population. Any excuses which encourage the misuse or overuse of the precious resources which Mother Earth has so abundantly provided, and every idea which promotes “the economy” over the wellbeing of the population as a whole has its roots in the Reptilian project. The idea that “the economy” based on money must be fueled by consumers was a clever ruse for funneling ever more of it into their own secret projects and private purses.

It is now coming to and end because the 4th dimension has been collapsed to eliminate any refuge from the afterlife review process in God’s higher realms of Love. It cannot continue beyond the lifetime of the beings which are alive today on the planet. The top tier of Reptilian leaders have already been removed and taken for trial and/or restoration to wholeness in Our image, and their lieutenants are now being removed as well, however, some smaller parts of their high level secret programs have been maintained by moving them frequently and by playing a clever cat-and-mouse game with those whose work it is to capture and expose them.

The work of rounding up the remaining minions is now in the hands of those brave investigators in organizations such as your own CIA, which has been frequently infiltrated and shadowed by a parallel organization of “Black ops” Dark Hat operatives. During periods in which Dark Hats were in charge of the highest levels of the U.S. Government, such as the Nixon, Reagan and Bush years and the later Clinton administration, there was little separation between the official government organization and the Dark Hat underworld. That is now being dismantled day by day, and more arrests will be made around the world as the truth is revealed.

You are aware of the current upsurge of the Arab Spring which has brought 30 million people into the streets in Egypt to demand genuinely democratic government. Never before in the history of the world has such massive participation by the people been so organized and effective in presenting its message to the world. This is the beginning of a worldwide uplifting of consciousness; no nation will be able to remain secretly oppressive of its people behind barriers of silence. Independent media sources - private citizens with cell phone cameras - have made secrecy a thing of the past, and the effects are being felt in every country of the world at once.

We have given you this overview to help you understand the political and practical implications as well. While things are moving fast, and change is inevitable, there are still some dangers to our Lightworkers. The zealous underlings we mentioned still have possession of some technological tools which can be used to disable or handicap those who are dedicated to service in the name of God. They are targets of various forms of etheric and material implants which can be used to interfere with brain and heart connections.

Those Lightworkers who are involved with Dark Entity removals or who have had contact with “Black ops” individuals are especially at risk because of their high visibility and their effectiveness in reducing the power of the Dark Ones. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon; it has always been the case in the struggle between good and evil.

We are working with the Arcturians, with Sananda, Archangels Michael, Gabrielle and others to restore our Beloved Ones to full health, but it is a challenge for the Lightworkers themselves, who must do the internal work of tracking down and dismantling the foreign objects, with our help. The intricate structure of these “implants” requires that the victim themselves take the lead in the removal of it. It also requires a high level of self-awareness to identify immediately the presence of feelings and attitudes which are “not me” so that the invading object can be dealt with.

This is yet another reason to develop your self-awareness and not be swayed by the traditional belief systems which encourage illness and an attitude of submission to medical experts, who of course have no knowledge of etheric implants, but who would be happy to medicate you so that you will be less aware of external interference with your normal functioning. Turn to Us as your first line of defense.

We do not wish to create fear of Dark Energy or implants by giving you this information. Please read carefully - we are encouraging self-awareness, not fear. Fear is always an invitation for Darkness of all kinds, within and without, so do not permit anxiety or any feelings of victimization. Turn instead to consult with your Angels, and to get help from Us if it is needed for any reason. We are here for your support, comfort and healing.

Things are indeed shifting quickly. It is a time of great celebration and hope. Continue to communicate with Us in your I AM meditations, in your prayers and in every moment of your daily lives. We love you more than words can ever describe; turn instead to the feelings of your heart, where we speak to you of Love.

With Healing Masters and Angels standing by in willing service to you, We are your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, July 5, 2013, 1 am.

Suzanne Ward

Message from Matthew

June 11, 2013

US “independence”; God: politics, three levels of action, assessing candidates; multiple effects of prevailing vibrations; memory loss; dietary benefits; balance

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. From our vantage point, Earth looks like a sea of strobe lights as people are responding to the prevailing vibrations. You are feeling what is going on much more than seeing developments.

We will get back to that, but first we want to give you an important glimpse of history that relates to the United States’ celebration of its independence from England with traditional Fourth of July parades, patriotic speeches and fireworks.

The highest universal council meant for the colonies that fought for independence from British rule to be a showcase of souls’ sovereignty. Once united, this nation was to have shown the rest of the world that when people are free to exercise God-given rights, they live peacefully, cooperatively, creatively and prosperously.

Successive waves of early settlers followed their urge to “be free” and the founders of the United States acted upon their divinely inspired mission to form a nation that guaranteed civil liberties, however limited those were in the beginning since many in the population were excluded. The darkness that was heavily entrenched on the planet enabled slavery to flourish and denied women the right to vote.

Those exclusions mattered not a whit to the Illuminati whose power, in part, was seated in England’s royal family. They were not about to forfeit control of the “free” populace or the land’s vast wealth of natural resources, and they swiftly extended their European empire across the Atlantic. Through the top figures in industries, banks and government—and later sneaking into law the Federal Reserve System that in no way is a federal institution—the Illuminati regained control of the United States.

During the centuries since they extinguished the beacon that nation was intended to be for your world, they kept spreading their network of corruption and deception until it was global. Now that the network is losing the remaining remnants of its former power, step by step you are consciously claiming the sovereignty that always has been yours as the god and goddess selves you are.

Now then, whenever our messages include politically-related information, readers email their objections. This is one of the more gracious comments: “If the messages are to prepare us spiritually for ascension, as Matthew has said, he should stick to that and stop trying to influence our political opinions.”

Rather than explain again why we speak about political issues and their importance in the context of ascension—Earth’s and your society’s—I have asked my mother to copy what God said about this.

[The following, an excerpt from the chapter “Be Informed and Act” in Voices of the Universe, was transmitted October 4, 2003.]

The politics that controls all countries, all peoples, all economies and resources of your planet homeland has been instrumental in bringing your world to the devastated state it’s in.

In no country on Earth are people free. For millennia the dark souls of civilizations beyond your planet have been influencing their willing Earth brothers and sisters in leadership positions to deceive and intimidate the rest of the people. Regardless of who holds national leadership roles, they rule by the dictates of those forces that are unknown to the people and perhaps even to the rulers.

The influence of those dark alien puppeteers has resulted in all declarations of war and all decisions regarding economies and resources of the world. Their secondary aim is increasing the control and wealth of Earth’s leaders, whose greed for power makes them eager puppets, thus today you have a world with unprecedented concentration of vast riches, impoverished nations, willful environmental destruction and corruption oozing out of corporate connections with governments.

The ultimate aim of the puppeteers is annihilation of your planet. That will NOT happen, but beneficial changes for all require a change in the character of your world’s leaders. Voices must be raised with demands for leaders of spiritual integrity—that kind of character is exemplified, not merely proclaimed. I don’t mean that no leaders ever have been strong in virtues or that no voices ever have been raised to protest injustice and inequities—indeed there have been those individuals. Many of those brave souls suffered or died for that, and much of their good works has been undone by succeeding generations who blindly followed self-serving leaders.

Now, the collective will of the people is rising to expose and oppose this situation. As lies are exposed, more lies are being told, and those will be exposed too. Tyrannical regimes must and shall change. Although plans are afoot for this peaceful revolution through a joint effort between your civilization and many of your space family, that does not absolve any of you who desire a finer, brighter world from the responsibility of helping to create it. You all chose to be where you are at this time precisely so you could do exactly that! Actually, some of you embodied in other lifetimes as great leaders on Earth and well beyond, and you are back now to take on similar inspirational and constructive roles.

It is on three levels that you must act so that honorable governing bodies will be achieved. The first level is spiritual, and I’ll tell you what spiritual is NOT: It is not membership in any of the multitude of your religions. It is not the self-righteousness that is evident in great abundance. It is not escaping into a head-in-the-sand “prayer life.” It is not believing that neither good nor evil exists because those are only judgments. It is not accepting that everything is in divine order and will run its course without your participation. It is not refraining from seeing what is going on in your world because you’ve been told it’s all an illusion anyway. I am not saying that there is no truth in any of that; what I’m saying is that spirituality is not an inherent aspect of any.

The spiritual level on which you will change your leaders from being darkly-ruled themselves to people worthy of being leaders—true leaders with spiritual integrity—is within your hearts. That’s your usual depiction of where love resides, is it not? Actually, the sensation of love is a province of the soul, but it has strong physical effects at the heart that instantly spread throughout your entirety to uplift you in spirit, mind and body.

Love starts with self, with living so that loving self is as natural as breathing. Only then can you give and receive love. Love is contagious, unlimited, omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, lack into prosperity. It is the absence of love that breeds all the woes of your world, and it is filling the void with love that will cure the woes. This is not asking you to love what brings misery and deprivation and harm! It is asking you to simply feel love so you can send forth that energy—it will seek its way to the void.

The second level is mental—deeply thinking to discern what is truth and what isn’t instead of buying into what candidates say. The catch is, what information is truthful and what is not? What sources can be trusted? You have been deceived for eons by a few souls in one generation after another after another whose intent is to retain the control over you, so access to the truth is not easily come by. How can I put this so it is not a series of Don’ts? Always I prefer to be positive in statements, and I’ve already compromised that by my explaining what being spiritual isn’t.

Very well, I know how to proceed—think of what you want in your world. If that is peace and harmony and cooperation, that’s where to focus your thoughts. What will bring that to the world? Think of what will: Respect and dignity for all races and faiths and genders; help wherever help is needed; equitable sharing of Earth’s massive riches; cures of all diseases; education, fulfilling work and comfortable homes for everyone; honesty, kindness, compassion, fairness, harmony, sharing, justness, forgiveness.

Think of all those qualities and circumstances and let your heart and conscience guide you to the candidates you most closely identify with them. The words of campaign promises are worthless without a candidate’s heart and soul in them. Let your heart and soul, not just your eyes and ears, lead you to the persons who exemplify the love and light that’s needed to uplift your world.

The third level is action. If you want leaders whom you trust and respect, work toward that end. Publicly and financially support the people you want in office, but if that isn’t possible, then put forth your intention through the power of your energy focused on those persons actually holding the positions— I can’t emphasize too strongly the power of intent! You can be sure that the current people in power will have their supporters actively working because those folks get the trickle-down largesse in exchange. You who want love, peace and harmony will receive those incomparably greater victories in exchange for the energy you put forth to create them.

Thank you, Mother, and now we return to our statement that you are feeling what is happening more so than seeing it. No one is immune to the effects of the highest vibrations that bodies ever have had to adjust to. This is all to the benefit of everyone who is absorbing light—their cells are transitioning from carbon structure to crystalline, and if uncomfortable physical, emotional or mental sensations are adjustment-related, they will pass.

The most unsettling effect may be momentary memory loss. Perhaps you can’t remember the name of someone you know well or a specific word eludes you. When you walk out of a room or get into your car, you forget where you intended to go and why. Or maybe, once you are in the grocery store, you can’t think of the item you went there buy. If you are experiencing those or similar kinds of lapses, dear ones, please do not fret about it!

Mother, please copy what our friend from a highly advanced civilization said about this memory situation. Readers may appreciate hearing from another source the same information that we would give.

[Saminten’s explanation during one of our conversations in 2003 is in the chapter by that name in Illuminations for a New Era.]

You decry the loss of time that seems to be zipping by and another loss you lament is memory. Neither of these aspects of third dimensional awareness is being lost, dear ones. “Time” never has been as you devised it with 24 hours each day and 12 months in a year and so forth. This has served you well, but no longer is this happening. Your time structure is collapsing as energy is moving at its lighter density speed, and your periods of light and dark are coming with more velocity. So rather than time being lost, it is speeding up.

The memories that many of you speak of as “gone,” are not. With the acceleration of everything within the universe, it is natural that the cells of your body are reacting to being lifted into a higher survival mode. Most of all, this is affecting your brains—the computers that turn on your thinking and reasoning processes—and this is necessary! The light being absorbed by your cells is allowing your brains to slough the layers of forgetfulness and programming that have denied them full functioning ability.

If you are not experiencing any memory loss or a sense of scattered thinking, then you are stuck in the third density that not much longer will be the status of Earth’s being. So it is desirable for you to feel not quite firmly in touch with the reality of the day or the environment.

Thank you, Mother. The prevailing vibrations also are changing physical needs, and along with expanding your conscious and spiritual awareness, accommodating your bodies’ requirements is of paramount importance.

Sufficient sleep is essential—give your body the rejuvenation time it needs to perform well. Drinking a lot of pure water also is essential—it helps to eliminate the toxins you absorb through your polluted environment and adulterated foods, and it helps to keep bodies’ electrical systems working properly. Exercise in accordance with physical ability aids in those respects too, and it helps circulatory and respiratory systems to behave smoothly.

If you aren’t as hungry as you used to be, that’s good—the more light in a body, the less food it needs. Eat wisely. Fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that contain the most light, will hasten crystalline cellular growth and boost energy levels. Cut back on dairy products—they do not contain the nutritional value that is claimed and they clog circulatory systems.

If you aren’t ready to eliminate meat and seafood from the menu, reduce the quantity—most food animals live and die in horrible conditions and the energy of their traumas is passed on to consumers. Please understand that this is meant only to enlighten you and in no way is it intended as criticism of non-vegetarians!

Contrary to your expression “sugar high,” digesting processed sugars lowers energy levels. Choose whole grain cereals and breads, and if you have no allergies to nuts, almonds and walnuts are the best choices. All well and good if chocolate, coffee and tea cravers are having no ill effects from caffeine; however, if you are having digestive problems, caffeine may be a contributor. Drinking red wine in moderate amount can enhance the blood stream—this suggestion does not apply to persons who have drinking problems!—and sodas are not good for anyone.

Those are general diet guidelines for a typically healthy person, but the bottom line is, pay attention to your body—it will tell you what it needs for optimum operation. In blessing your food, asking that it serve your highest good and feeling grateful for the plants and animals that provided it adds light to whatever you are eating—doing that silently is as effective as audibly.

During this stage of adjusting to lighter energy, mood swings and phases of inertia or unusual nervousness are natural, and drugs prescribed to relieve those conditions instead exacerbate them. If you are taking medications for other health issues, talk with your caregiver about dosage reduction.

Even better, ask if remedies with natural ingredients can offer the same measure of treatment. The proliferation of chemicals in drugs and engineered food interferes with bodies’ self-healing mechanisms and other natural processes, and that makes it difficult to maintain balance. Find out if fatigue and other distress may be due to an imbalance in hormone levels or body chemistry—if so, learn which natural supplements can treat the condition.

We cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of balance! The universe is in a constant balancing act and so is every life form within it; however, for the long ages that darkness enshrouded Earth, the planet and her residents were severely deprived of the light that attaining balance requires. If you think of the balancing act as an internal teeter-totter that is perpetually moving in accordance with your condition in body, mind and spirit, you can see that the optimal motion is gentle rocking.

Meditation is especially helpful in maintaining or regaining that motion, and there are ways other than sitting in silence or listening to lovely sounds composed especially for achieving a relaxing meditative state. Spend time out in Nature, enjoy the companionship of animals, read poetry. Listen to your favorite music—unless it’s heavy metal, which shatters balance, and the tones of classical compositions are the most effective in restoring balance. Make time for solitude—even a brief period can be restorative.

Laughter is good for the soul and so is anything that evokes feelings of tranquility. In leisure time, choose lighthearted reading and the same quality of TV programs and movies. Spend time with dear friends and family. When it isn’t possible to avoid unpleasant encounters, envisioning light permeating the situation will help to alleviate stressfulness. Give thanks for blessings in your life—gratitude, like hope and optimism, is filled with light.

The prevailing vibrations also are intensifying energetic differences and many individuals are feeling a strong desire to make a major change. Perhaps look for a different job, end a relationship or start one, pursue a new field of studies, relocate to an area you know or maybe a place you know of but never have visited. We are not speaking about rashly acting upon an impulse, but rather heeding a growing sense of urgency to act upon an idea that has been simmering—this is the soul speaking increasingly loudly to the consciousness: This is what you chose in your soul contract.

Why are we offering guidance that we have mentioned, albeit more briefly, in previous messages or is available in any number of down-to-earth sources? We are telling you, our beloved Earth family: Please take care of yourselves!

The energy streamers that will be swirling with increasing forcefulness are prime opportunities to absorb light, and the sounder you are physically, mentally and emotionally, the more greatly you will benefit. You chose this lifetime so you could participate in your world’s transformation and spiritual renewal, and soul evolvement is the purpose of every lifetime—both require balance in body, mind and spirit. Letting mundane matters interfere with self-care or ignoring your soul’s messages causes imbalance and that dims your light, the light you need to experience what you chose and to evolve!

Dear ones, love yourselves as much as we love you, and take care of yourselves!



Suzanne Ward

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Suzanne Ward






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